5 Tips for an Efficient Garage Cleanup

5 Tips for an Efficient Garage Cleanup

Family cleaning out their garage

OK, you’ve made it. After months (or, let’s face it, years) of putting it off, you finally decided to clean out your garage. Congrats! If it’s been ages since the last cleaning, try out these five tips for making the seemingly daunting task of tidying up your garage easy, efficient, and even fun. Let’s get to it!

1.      Set Goals

Before even setting foot in your garage, it’s important to know what you’re looking to get out of the cleanup. Do you want to create a potential workspace? Make room for a second vehicle? Or are you simply tired of seeing old, unused stuff all over the place every time you pull in? There are many reasons you might want to clean out your garage and establishing a goal at the beginning will keep you focused on the task at hand. Figure out how you want your garage to look by the end of the process and set realistic benchmarks that will help you get there.

2.      Decide What’s Staying—and What’s Going

For many of us, choosing what to get rid of and what to keep is tough. Whether you’re thinking about an antique piece of furniture gathering dust or a box of childhood toys, there are countless arguments for tossing or keeping any item. We recommend creating a set of rules to help you decide along the way. For instance, if it’s a piece of equipment, when’s the last time you used it? Does it still work? If it’s an old keepsake, does it have important sentimental value? Will you really miss it when it’s gone? Setting and sticking to guidelines for what you will and won’t keep will greatly speed up the garage cleaning process.

3.      Rent a Roll-Off Dumpster

Once you’ve decided what to get rid of, it’s time to, well, actually get rid of it. If you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff to toss out, your everyday trash receptacles won’t cut it. The easiest junk removal solution for large garage cleanups is a roll-off dumpster rental from ASAP Site Services. We offer the lowest prices across the country and convenient drop-off and pickup, making the disposal of your unwanted material simple and hassle-free. With five different sizes available, we have dumpsters for every project. When you’ve finally thrown out your last item, we’ll haul everything away so you can look at your newly spacious garage with a sigh of relief.

4.      Get to Scrubbing

After all that old stuff is gone, there’s a good chance you’ll see some areas in your garage that haven’t been cleaned in years, along with plenty of dirt and dust shaken up by the cleaning process. Do a deep clean of the entire space before putting things back in their place to ensure that your garage stays neat and tidy going forward.

5.      Create an Organization System

The finish line is in sight. Your garage is decluttered, and it feels great. But what now? It’s time to get organized! Setting up a new system for organizing your garage is maybe the most important part of the cleanup journey, since it’ll prevent major messes that necessitated such a big effort this time. You may require additional shelving, wall hangers, or other storage options, but the investment will be well worth it. Organizing your garage in a practical, sensible way will help you keep your space tidy for years to come.

With diligent planning and a roll-off dumpster rental at the ready, your garage will clean and clear in no time. Good luck!