Why Porta Potties and Hand Washing Stations Are Crucial in the COVID-19 Era

Why Porta Potties and Hand Washing Stations Are Crucial in the COVID-19 Era

Portable Toilet During Covid-19

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has changed our day-to-day routines in countless ways, especially when it comes to hygiene. Wearing masks, practicing safe social distancing, disinfecting commonly used surfaces, and thorough handwashing are all now a regular part of our daily lives. Maintaining such precautionary measures throughout professional settings is important too, especially when it comes to waste management solutions. Portable toilets and handwashing stations like the kind we offer at ASAP play a critical role in preventing the spread of the coronavirus, and we’re here to explain how.

They Protect Public Health When Social Distancing Isn’t an Option

While lockdown measures are in place, a large portion of the country’s workforce is able to work remotely—but that just isn’t a possibility for some industries. Many workers provide essential services, whether they’re in healthcare, construction, or even agriculture, that don’t leave room for social distancing. At many of these jobsites, access to indoor plumbing is limited or not available at all. That’s why having regular access to quality porta potties, along with hand sanitizer and/or handwashing stations, is important for helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 and maintaining a hygienic workplace.

They Provide Access to Sanitation in Remote Areas

Modern indoor plumbing is a luxury that many of us take for granted these days, but permanent plumbing fixtures can be impractical or impossible in many environments. In these cases, porta potties are a simple solution. For remote areas where plumbing is limited, portable toilets, along with portable showers and sinks, make sure everyone is able to stay sanitary and wash up frequently.

Renting Portable Toilets Is a Smart Option for Pop-Up Medical Facilities

As long as coronavirus maintains a presence across the country, pop-up medical facilities will remain a necessary option for providing healthcare in communities where resources are stretched thin. From testing sites to clinics, temporary medical accommodations are an important part of both tracking the spread of the disease and treating patients who have become infected. Because of the makeshift nature of these facilities, portable toilets offer a convenient, secure solution for waste management.

They’re Safe and Sanitary

Using porta potties is perfectly safe and hygienic. ASAP regularly services all of our customers’ rental units to make sure they remain sanitary solutions. We not only pump out the tanks and restock supplies but also clean and sanitize each unit inside and out, eliminating germs that may cling to the surfaces. Each rental comes with one servicing per week, but you may request additional service for a fee if your porta potties get a lot of traffic.

ASAP Site Services is proud to help frontline workers and essential businesses slow the spread of COVID-19. Contact us to order your porta potty rentals or bulk hand sanitizer today.