How to Prep Your Porta Potties for Cold Weather

How to Prep Your Porta Potties for Cold Weather

With winter coming up, you may be preparing your home, business, or vehicles for the frigid cold. If there are (or will be) portable toilets at your site, don’t forget to prep those too. ASAP Site Services will give you a head start by adding porta potty antifreeze to your tank. This will, spoiler alert, prevent your tank from freezing, but there is more you can do to winterize your porta potties. By following the next few steps, you can keep your portable toilet rentals clean and safe throughout the winter months.

Place Them Carefully

Strategic placement for each porta potty stall can help you keep the cold at bay. Some common places to put them during winter include a garage or shed. This will keep them relatively warm and also prevent any strong winds from tipping them over. If a garage is not available, try putting them near the eastern side of a building or fence to lessen the impact any strong, frigid winds may have.

If your porta potty rentals have to be outdoors, take advantage of sunlight if you can—the sun’s still out even in the coldest winters. By placing a stall in direct sunlight, you can at least generate a little warmth from the natural heater in the sky.

Add Heat and Remove Snow

If there is too little sun to make an impact on your facilities, consider using a portable heater to keep your seats warm. Be sure to turn them on and off as needed or set designated running times during the day to prevent overuse. If it snows in your area, remember to remove it from your toilets’ exteriors periodically to prevent it from building up against the side of the stall, which will lower the temperature inside.

Consider Restroom Trailers

Depending on your location, it may be best to think about renting or upgrading to a full restroom trailer for the winter. They have built-in heaters and great insulation, creating a safe, warm environment for anyone in need of a bathroom break. You can get a quote for a restroom trailer here.

Winter presents all sorts of challenges for events and jobsites, but ASAP Site Services is here to make sure your plans don’t freeze out. Just remember to keep your porta potties out of strong wind and snow and put them inside or under the sun when possible, and you’ll be prepared for almost anything mother nature throws your way.