Projects That Require Clean Dirt and Concrete Roll Off Dumpsters

Projects That Require Clean Dirt and Concrete Roll Off Dumpsters

As you may already know, different projects have different waste disposal requirements. If you’re primarily disposing of municipal solid waste, standard dumpsters can do the trick. When you’re working on a project that involves clean, recyclable materials, however, you’ll need a clean dirt or concrete roll-off dumpster to haul your waste away.

A Crash Course on Clean Waste

We realize the rules are a bit hazy when it comes to what is considered clean and what isn’t, but no fear! We’re here to break it down a bit. In general, clean waste describes substances that are free of combustibles, corrosive materials, or radioactive materials. It also is mostly free of organic materials, to make sure it doesn’t decompose over time, as well as any sharp debris like glass or metal.

When You Need Clean Dumpsters

Now that we’re clear on what’s considered clean, let’s move onto different projects you may or may not need a clean dirt or concrete roll-off dumpster for. Typical work around the house or backyard will most likely require only a standard roll-off dumpster. If your project is anything like repaving a driveway, tiling a bathroom floor, or any other general remodeling projects, however, it is recommended and often necessary to have both a standard dumpster and a clean dirt dumpster handy. Our clean dirt and concrete dumpsters are smaller and less expensive than our standard dumpsters, so you should have room at our site and in your budget for both.

When you recycle clean materials, they are able to be reused for things like repairing roads and potholes, leveling out public and private grounds, and many other general construction and landscaping projects. Not only are you making an environmentally conscious decision but you’re also making things a little bit easier for the next person’s project. If you’re unsure if your project is in need of a clean dirt dumpster, feel free to contact us so we can give you our assessment of what you may need for the work you’re doing.

The ASAP team will do everything we can to make sure you get your project started off on the right foot. Rent a roll-off dumpster and contact us to get help with your next construction, renovation, or landscaping project, whether or not clean materials are involved.